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Re: New 8900 series for the UK

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:19 pm
by slostuk
gatekeeper wrote:Slostuk,

It sounds as though, despite the poor cosmetic state of the particular sample of 8900AX-2400 that you received, you got as far as powering it on and configuring it, in which case did you notice whether, on this model, you're required to specifically log out of the router's GUI, once you've been in it and have finished?

Certainly, with firmware 2.32d.dh14, I've found that this has not been the case for the 8800. I've discovered (and reported in these forums some time ago) that the non-requirement to officially log out of the 8800 leaves the 8800's GUI effectively open, as I've been surprised on occasions by not having to log in again. Clearly, this is a major flaw. Conceivably, though, this may have been fixed by one of the further revisions to the firmware (or perhaps has been left by Billion until the launch of this 8900 series?). Due to other issues, I've been dissuaded from trying either of the two most-recent 8800 firmware revisions.

I feel that this is something that needs checking out fairly quickly on any new 8900 series routers from Billion. With the 8800, it's always seemed intuitively wrong for there not to be a proper means to log out each time.
I powered it on to determine if the unit was functioning, however I did not log in or configure the unit, I did not see the point of contacting it to my dsl line and risking a DLM intervention for a router that I would be returning. I did have a quick look at the wireless range.