BiPac 3100sn help.

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BiPac 3100sn help.

Post by GoldenGoose » Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:54 pm

Hey Guys,

I desperately need help setting a 3100sn to my router.

My router is a tp-link mr3220, basically I need it to extend the wifi range, yet I have no idea what is going on and feel retarded, any help would be gladly appreciated :)

Thanks in advance,

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Re: BiPac 3100sn help.

Post by billion_fan » Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:46 am

First you need to plug the 3100SN to your TP-Link router or direclty to your computer using the ethernet port.

Then follow these steps.

1. Set a static IP address to your LAN card in the range of, subnet
2. Open your web browser and type in the address, use the username 'admin' and the password 'admin' to login
3. Setup 'Wireless Security and change the ESSID if needed (under 'Wireless Setting')
4. Then click on 'AP Client' uner 'Wireless Settings'
5. Select your wireless signal (your TP-Link SSID)
6. Enter your wireless password at the bottom the screen
7. Click on 'Apply'
8. Change your computers LAN IP address back to Obtain A IP Address Automatically, and Obtain A DNS Server Automatically
9. Unplug and deploy your Bipac 3100SN in the area that it is needed.

That should be it, :D

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