Port Forwarding - Help & Advice Please

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Port Forwarding - Help & Advice Please

Post by stevet » Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:48 pm

Hi, I am new to this forum, so i apologize if my questions are a bit naive. I have a Bilpac 8200N router which my broadband provider supplied. I can gain access to some of the settings but not all and they are not willing to provide any support...unfortunately i do not have another broadband supplier to choose from.

I want to improve my home security by adding a DVR and have access to the stored pictures/movement on my PC and iPhone...could anyone please offer some help or advice on the port forwarding..?

Many thanks

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Re: Port Forwarding - Help & Advice Please

Post by billion_fan » Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:54 am

1. Login to the router on
2. Use the username 'admin' and the password 'admin' to login
3. Click on 'Advanced >> Configuration >> Virtual Server >> Port Mapping'
4. In the 'Application' section enter a name for your reference
5. Change the 'Protocol' to one needed for your CCTV either TCP or UDP or both TCP/UDP
6. In the 'Internal IP Address' enter the IP address of your CCTV camera
7. In the 'External Port' section enter the ports you need to open eg 8080 to 8080
8. In the 'Internal Port' enter the same port number eg 8080
9. Click on 'Add'

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