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Feature Request

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 5:43 pm
by pinche
Hi all,
the 7800DX looks likely to be my next modem/router, however one feature I would like to have implemented is regarding a Dynamic DNS provider. I am aware of the
BiPAC 7800DX supporting several major providers of DDNS, however one major one is missing and is The method they use to automatically update dynamic IP's is straightforward and easy to implement:
1. The customer adds DYN option and obtains a token to use in the domain management page.
2. Customer uses a program to monitor router IP change and send notification to easyDNS.

I currently use a BASH script to do this, and after obtaining IP address (from the router page) the script sends this:

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More info:

If testing needs done, my router is on its way and I would be happy to help.