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Gargoyle style stats

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:49 pm
by aedwards

I recently bought an 8800NL and co-incidentally upgraded my TP-Link WR841ND wifi/router firmware to Gargoyle - a user-friendly version of Open-WRT with lots of stats and graphs via GUI.

I'm impressed with the 8800NL compared with the Sky SR102 router so far, it seems to hold the connection better and report more info - like errors and control SNR. Unfortunately, even though the 8800NL seems to be driving the 'attainable rate' higher (over 5 mbps) , Sky isn't increasing the actual rate to more than 4 mbps.

I'm also impressed by Gargoyle - it has lots of the most user friendly stats I've seen for a router, like bandwidth usage, by which IP Address, and over various periods of time etc. All recorded in the background so you can access it whenever you like.

If the 8800NL did this and could record stats like bandwidth, and also things like SNR, line errors over time I think this could be very interesting - especially while setting up the router for maximum reliability and performance etc.

Anyway, I'd suggest anyone interested check out Gargoyle and would be great to see Billion borrow some of their ideas for future upgrades.