7800N - Open DNS and ISP's DNS

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7800N - Open DNS and ISP's DNS

Post by qprfact » Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:17 am

Hi, on my previous router I set the default DNS settings to my account with Open DNS so I can limit to some degree access to things like torrent sites for my kids. However, on my Mac I could use the DNS settings from my ISP to get wider access.

My Mac's DNS settings are unchanged, but I cannot see how in the config panel to set up the Open DNS settings in such a way that they do not over-ride everything. I tried changing them in WAN Profile, but that seems to take precedence over my Mac.

Should I be changing them somewhere else?
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Re: 7800N - Open DNS and ISP's DNS

Post by billion_fan » Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:36 pm

I just tested the issue, not with a mac but with a win 7 machine, my dns setting are as follows, on the router

On my win 7 machine I use a static IP set to my lan card, I used to have the DNS set to the routers IP but I changed that to a IP that doesn't exist eg, and could not ping domain names (www.google.co.uk), so now my computer has overridden my DNS settings set on my router, I then changed it back to the routers IP and I can ping domain names again.

Check your mac settings again and make sure the DNS server settings are not pointing to the routers IP as your issue seems the mac is routing the DNS to your router and your router through to the OpenDNS servers.

Try googles DNS servers on your MAC they should be open just like your ISPs DNS servers. (,

I hope this helps

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Re: 7800N - Open DNS and ISP's DNS

Post by pawhe955 » Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:38 pm

@qprfact - Just for your reference, I have exactly what you have set up on my 7800N router, and am doing what you want to do, but with a Windows PC being the one that doesn't use OpenDNS....

That is, I have configured the OpenDNS servers into the router, just as you have - so when my kid's laptops obtain their IP addresses from the router's DHCP, they either also get the router's IP to use as a DNS server, or the router tells them to use OpenDNS servers (can't recall which way it happens, but the upshot is the same - all their DNS lookups go through OpenDNS).

On my own Windows laptop, I have my ISP's 2 x DNS servers set within the laptop's Network Connections definition - and my DNS lookups go straight to my ISP's DNS servers.....

This is what I would expect to happen - not sure how the router could interfere with your MAC's use of your ISP's DNS servers, if they are explicitly defined in the MAC.....

To see if it's the MAC or the router, are your kids machines Windows based? If not, could you borrow a Windows machine? You could then change the Network Connections definition to use your ISP's DNS servers, and see if it's working through the router o.k. - I think that the suspicion is that the MAC is playing up, but obviously you need to check that somehow.....


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