Optimal settings to enable Apple Hardware/Software

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Optimal settings to enable Apple Hardware/Software

Post by alexberry » Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:08 pm


I have a BiPAC 7800N, bought because it was recommended at the most versatile router for the domestic market that would also work with my FTTC fibre internet access. I have the latest 1.06e firmware installed.

I run a Windows 7 x64 desktop PC, a 1st gen Apple TV and iPhone 4 with iOS 5. Other occasional network devices too. The desktop PC is networked to the router via HomePlug AV network. The Apple TV is also connected via HomePlug. The iPhone connects via WiFi.

My IT expertise lies in .net/VB programming and building PCs. I've very little experience of the finer points of network protocols etc. I'm hoping someone may be able to advise me of possible solution to what I think is a network issue.

One of the new features of iOS5 is the ability for an iPhone (or iPad) to sync with iTunes on a PC via WiFi. Unfortunately, I'm having an issue which appears to be stopping this feature from working properly.

Basically, if I disconnect the AppleTV from the network prior to stating the PC/iTunes, iTunes will find my iPhone on the network and allow it to sync via WiFi. However, if I have my AppleTV connected when I startup my PC/iTunes, my iPhone never appears.

I've tried everything I can think of in terms of iTunes settings / install. PC firewall and services are all set up properly, and Apple's Bonjour service is running OK.

It leaves me wondering if something in the router is causing the AppleTV on the network to mask out the iPhone...? This may sound really daft, but this is how it appears.

Could someone recommend settings that I might try to apply on the router to see if anything makes any difference. I'm wondering, for example, if particular ethernet RIP settings, or WLAN multicast settings might help matters. As I said, I really am no expert on these things.

All I've done as far as the 7800N router is concerned is a hard restore to factory settings and set up port forwarding in line with plenty of suggestions I've found elsewhere on the internet. I'm certain this isn't the issue though, as so long as the AppleTV isn't connected to the network, then iPhone WiFi sync works OK.

Any suggestions you have would be really great...



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Re: Optimal settings to enable Apple Hardware/Software

Post by billion_fan » Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:47 pm

From reading through your post there must be a conflict with your apple TV and IOS5.

Have you contacted Apple for further assistance?

Also what I think is happening is the Apple TV is also syncing with iTunes and when the iphone trys to do the same over wifi, there might be a issue.

Have you tried to sync your iphone via the USB cable to your computer while having the apple tv plugged up to the network?

Have you tried to turn off the apple tv sync, leaving it connected to the network and test the iphone sync over the wifi?

Sorry I am not a expert on apple products (Windows fan here), just got my first iphone 4s, but don't have apple tv and I don't sync over wifi.

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Re: Optimal settings to enable Apple Hardware/Software

Post by alexberry » Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:05 pm

Thanks for the reply billion_fan. I hope you're enjoying your iphone 4S...

For everyday desktop stuff, I'm also firmly in the PC camp!

Good questions you ask:

I've posted a bug report with Apple but no response yet;

The iphone syncs fine via USB with the AppleTV connected, so I can live with that but always frustrated if I can't get funtionality to work properly;

If I turn off AppleTV sync, then it wipes all the content from the AppleTV - which is a bit rubbish. So I can't really try that one. I just have to unplug it.

Thanks again for your reply.


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