Don't know what to call this one

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Re: Don't know what to call this one

Post by Tomken » Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:38 am

The Export/Import while accepted by the laptop, would have caused problems with the printer I think, as it was showinging in Network & Sharing as SSID 2 even though there was no reference to that in the Registry. It was also still showing as the single network as before.

I deleted those, factory reset the router and set up afresh so now back to where I started.

Can't understand why originally the networks were individual but seemingly merged afterwards or why two supposedly identical OS can work differently.

I usually only wire up for a router reboot and sometimes on an evening to assist the SNRM when it usually drops as doing this, improves the margin and I only have one or the other connected as I know about the two IPs when both are connected.

I still think the reason why the LAN light remains on is because it's using the SSID which in the router, the connection is set to Always on although I haven't set it to On Demand to confirm this.

Thanks anyway for your imput.

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