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8800NL and 8800AXL 2.32e firmware

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:27 pm
by admin
We are releasing the 2.32e firmware early for customer who would like to try it. The official release on our website will be around next week after our testing.

2.32e Release notes as below:

Add new feature/function:

1. Add 3G/LTE usage allowance.
2. Allow hostname to be set in remote network field of VPN.
3. Add layer3 WAN failover/fallback feature(Only for 7820NZ).
4. Add to display MAC address for DHCP server log.
5. Update ADSL PHY code to A2pv6F039g1.
6. Update VDSL PHY code to A2pv6F039g1.
7. Update DSL Driver to d24m.
8. Update new wireless driver to
9. Add FAP path on 412 bcm963xxx_4_12_L08_xtm_fap_patch_22Apr2014_6.3.1.
10. Add IPSec ALG option.
11. Add LANVLAN feature for model with VPN features.
12. Update the DLNA from 2.1.3 to 2.1.5.
13. Support DHCP Relay over IPSec tunnel.
14. Add "Eth Port Control" feature to allow a user to specific the eth speed/ mode of eth port.
15. Support SIP Pre‐Media method.
16. Open remote/local host name for general setting on L2TP.

Modify and bug fixed:

1. Support TR069 WAN port modification.
2. Fixed QoS can’t work on PPPoA.
3. Fixed "PPPoE with Pass‐through" setting issue on EWAN.
4. Fixed for usb led does not work on non‐3G model.
5. Enhanced the syslog information of E‐MAIL alert.
6. Fixed IPhone tethering can't work on iOS 7.03, 7.04 and 7.10.
7. Fixed issue that 5G wireless can’t be disabled (For 8800AXL).
8. Fixed issue that Sierra 313u 3G dongle can’t work.
9. Fixed wireless MAC filter edit error.
10. Fixed URL filter error after device reboot.
11. Enhanced ADSL information for syslog.
12. Support "Use PPP" for 3G/4G LTE to establish connection in 3G setting.
13. Fixed bridge mode change enc mode boot issue.
14. Fixed 3G/LTE bandwidth usage on WAN transmit display error.
15. Fixed 88 and 89 series f/w upgrade cannot return to home page in time.
16. Fixed DHCP option 121 multiple WAN issue.
17. Fixed issue that WLAN setting error via TR069.
18. Extend the username buffer from 16 to 31 bytes on L2TP client.
19. Fixed IGMP multicast still can access issue when IGMP disable issue.
20. Fixed string translation incorrect for QoS Page.
21. Fixed 3G mode display status incorrect.

22. Fixed SNMP memory leakage issue.
23. Fixed the "voice first word missing on a voip call".
24. Fixed bug for IPSec tunnel ping incorrectly, it's related with remote access rule.
25. Fixed One‐to‐One NAT can’t delete rule issue.
26. Correct initial connection status for GRE.
27. Modify NAT loopback to avoid QoS effect.
28. Fixed QoS destination port error.
29. Enhanced wireless 5G on 80MHz for samba performance poor issue.
30. Fixed time display issue on SNMP.
31. Fixed remove 64 rules static IP entries will cause memory overflow.
32. Fixed the inbound call failed when contact and to‐host are not the same.
33. Fixed MS‐CHAPv2 connection issue on PPTP.
34. Fixed keep alive issue when setting hostname on GRE.
35. Flush static IP lease when LAN IP changed.
36. Fixed GRE status display incorrect.
37. Fixed changing NAT ALG value via TR69 but show old value on webpage.
38. Fixed LAN firewall can not work after reboot.
39. Fixed TR069 did not work if DMZ is enabled.
40. Fixed issue that QoS rule influences USB HD quality.
41. Fixed DHCP tables show wrong lease information
42. Fixed second call fail for 3‐way call.
43. Add TCPMSS patch to resolve the "bad length" issue.
44. Support the maximum length of "Host name of the Broadband Router" in DNS Proxy to be
21 bytes.
45. Support the maximum rules of "One‐to‐One NAT" to be 16 entries.
46. Support "Static IP" of Host to 64 entries.
47. Support "Static DNS" to 32 entries.
48. Fixed device cannot return to home page successfully via Web UI restart.
49. Fixed IPSec passthrough issue.
Fixed GRE page display error.
51. Fixed wireless guest interface show incorrect on virtual server page.
52. Change maximum number of VLAN ID from 4095 to 4094
53. Change minimum number of VLAN ID from 0 to 1.
54. Fixed DHCP table show wrong wireless band.
55. Fixed ARP table show wrong wireless band.
56. Fixed LAN interface name display wrong on virtual server page.
57. Fixed SNMP walk fail.
58. Fixed change wireless SSID,ARP/DHCP table didn’t display.
59. Fixed IPv6 in IPv4 tunneling can’t work.
60. Fixed issue that static route disappearing on PPTP.
61. Fixed issue that static route disappearing on L2TP.
62. Extend VPN account amount to 8.

Known Issue:

1. USB Storage/ DLNA/Printer server functions do not serve wireless clients associated
with guess SSID.

Re: 8800NL and 8800AXL 2.32e firmware

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:28 pm
by admin
8800NL 2.32e fw

Re: 8800NL and 8800AXL 2.32e firmware

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:30 pm
by admin
8800AXL 2.32e fw