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Leaves on the Line (OK Noise Really)

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:23 am
After a Plusnet "36 hour major outage" Tue/Wed this week, my line is a little slower for downloads and suddenly goes from 8.x Mbps to 0.9 Mbps for uploads.

I had this upload problem previously, usually it happened overnight, yesterday Wed 31st July 2019 it happened during the day. Reset (restart with the button on the browser) the billion 8800NL R2 and back to nearly 10 Mbps upload, which gradually drifts back to 1.0 as it did overnight, another reset this am (Thur 1st Aug 2019) and it's back to 8.4 right now 11:15 ish

Although I am getting some cooperation from PN I would like to be able to use the stats on the Billion (used as modem to a Synology 2600ac router) to investigate further myself.

Previous analysis by PN showed some noise supposedly at my home, I have no idea if they can see further than the socket on the wall? I have moved anything that could cause EMI and changed the RJ11 cable to twisted pair and added an earthed screen (baco foil) to this.

Although the Billion signal to noise ratio setting supposedly does not make any difference to FTTC only to ADSL just wondered if there are other opinions out there? It is set to -1 (auto) at the moment.

Quiet line test is ok, how else can I check for noise, which Billion stats do I look at?

Re: Leaves on the Line (OK Noise Really)

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:24 am
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