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7402NX CLI

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:15 pm
by art15t
Well I found these:

CLI_Manual_ISOS8'2.pdf & BIPAC-5100_CLI_Reference_Manual.pdf

of which CLI_Manual_ISOS8'2.pdf seems to be pretty close to the commands available when I telnet onto the router but I have to say is not very friendly in comparison to a Cisco or Draytek. I'm looking to temporarily open the remote web access via a passthrough telnet session so I can change a few settings in the http GUI that I also can't find in the CLI manuals or just poking around the available commands. Best shot I got was:

admin> webserver set managementip [my_remote_ip] mask
admin> system config save
admin> system restart

When I try from my remote I get no response but when I check the settings via telnet again they look good to go

Any you guys got the correct way to do this via CLI ....maybe I also need to add or remove a firewall rule!