Forum Rules - Please Read!

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Forum Rules - Please Read!

Post by admin » Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:14 pm

Forum Rules

1. Use our search functions before posting, whether you have a question or something new to share, it's very likely someone already asked that question or shared that news.

2. Please think about what you write or reply. No swearing is tolerated

3. No Personal attacks, racial, political and/or religious discussions are permitted on.

4. Keep the subject clear and short. You're most likely to receive a helpful answer to your question if you use a short subject title that describes your problem and a message that explains in detail what your problem is and what you've tried to solve it.

5. Post a message only once. Try not to create duplicate post.

6. Do not spam or advertise product(s) or service(s) in the forums, it will be removed and you're likely to receive a ban.

7. Don't post copyrighted materials or do other things that will obviously lead to legal trouble. If you wouldn't do it on your own homepage, you probably don't want to do it here either.

8. Help others if you can. This is what a forum is for!

9. Please post in ENGLISH ONLY as this is a UK forum so we expect everyone to write in English.



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