Scammers calling UK numbers WARNING

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Scammers calling UK numbers WARNING

Post by billion_fan » Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:13 am

Hi Everyone

Over the last week or so I have been getting phones calls from a Indian call centre claiming to be from BT, and BT Openreach (from a UK mobile number and from a California number, which I assume is not true they are just routing through both numbers)

They claim my router has been hacked and with the normal garbage scam script "my IP is sending out data etc"


I asked them what my wan IP address is that has been sending this data out, they said I have to connect to them and they would show me, DON'T DO IT, they can't tell me my WAN IP as they don't know it. (my BT router has been off for over 1 month)

I then called the guy out and I told him I know this scam you want me to give you remote access, so you can hack my PC, install malware, steal my data etc, he then admitted it was a scam, its his bread and butter, and please can I give him £500, I told him where to go and hung up the phone. (I told him to get a real job, and stop stealing from people, at this point he tried to recruit me to work for him lol)

They have also been calling my parents and my parents passed on my phone number, (as I don't want my parents getting scammed also, so any phone calls internet related should be passed over to me)

So just a word of WARNING, don't give any of these scammers any information, just hang up, if you are worried call BT or your ISP from a mobile phone, to confirm if your router has been hacked. (which I doubt)

I first saw this scam in the USA, it is now coming to the UK. Please be WARNED

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